The Standard E-Juice Products Using PG and VG

When you choose an e-juice product its important to know about PG and VG. This ingredients control how the juice vapes and tastes. PG is propylene glycol an organic petroleum product. It is used is many medical and personal care products.

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VG is a vegetable glycerin that is made from natural vegetable oil that comes from palm or coconut. It is mixed with water and heated to a high temperature. It is found in medical and personal care products.

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PG gives added flavor to the e-juice because it is tasteless and clear. Its thin and will not build up on the coil of the atomizer. It reaches the coil more consistently for a great taste. When you want tons of smoke or vapor PG produces it. A great product to impress friend with smoke rings and tricks.

PG e-juices are felt more strongly in the mouth and throat. Often consumers that want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes use this product. This is because it produces a vapor similar to smoking cigarettes.


VG has a sweet flavor that some users enjoy but it is noticeable when vaping. The liquid is thicker and often clogs the coils but can be cleaned off. PG offers the user light vapor and less smoke. It has a nice clean taste and is better for smoking in public places. PG e-juices do not produce a strong taste in the throat or mouth.

Some of the Many Good E-Juice Companies

Five Pawns E-Liquid is made in small batches and has a good reputation in the vaping community. It is carried in boutiques and high end vape shops. It is made with 50 percent PG and VG. This is often a good combination for those new to vaping. All products are numbered and dated. The offer over 10 different custom mixed flavors with a good range of nicotine strengths.


The Standard E-Juice is another company found at high end vape shops. The product comes in classy colored glass bottles with creative graphics.. The most popular flavor is called the standard Frankenvape which is kiwi marshmallow flavor. Another popular flavor is Curious Jorge which is flavored like banana. This company is located in California.

Vapor Fi E-Liquid offers some of the most variety on the market for vaping. They offer you the option of creating your own juice by mixing up to 3 different flavors. This company even has a flavor of the month club where e-juices are delivered to your home. Their product are reasonably priced. They have custom blends, tobacco, menthol blends, and a sampler kit to start. With flavors like watermelon mojito, tropical cherry, pear mint, sea spray, and southern hospitality customers have too many choices.

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Halo E-Juice has been around a long time on the Internet. They offer something for the beginners or experience users. They have fruit flavors, tobacco, and menthol blends for customers. The tobacco flavors offer unique flavors of different tobaccos from around the world. Menthol flavors offer a similar flavor to cigarettes with the added flavor of sweetness and ice. They carry some gourmet flavors like Belgian Cocoa, and Cafe Mocha. The prices are very reasonable another plus.

There are many popular e-juice companies. These are just a few of the many.